Curry potato salad



Curry mayo



How to

Rather than risk losing anything in translation, I will simply direct you to Mark Bittman's explanation of food processor mayonnaise. (The food processor is, by far, the most useful piece of "specialized" equipment in my kitchen. Aside from a soup pot, a skillet, a good knife and a cutting board, the food processor is my most essential tool. On this Bittman and I strongly agree, though I'd rather not have to listen to most of his food policy moralizing.) I spiced things up by adding some curry powder (first toasted briefly in a skillet to bring out the flavor) and a clove of mashed garlic.

For the potatoes, try to pick firm new potatoes. Scrub them under cold water. Toss them in a pot of boiling water for about fifteen minutes. You should be able to pierce them with a knife, but they should be firm and not at all falling apart. Allow them to cool to somewhere between warm and room temperature, then toss them with scallions, cilantro, and the curry mayo.