Beef short ribs

photo (9).JPG

I'll admit to being a bit of a short rib fanatic. Grilled, braised, stuffed inside pasta, shredded on top of polenta -- I just can't resist their many hearty charms. For some reason yesterday I got a fiending for short ribs, so here they are. (Part of me regrets not having spent some time looking into recipes in advance, as this one from Tom Colicchio looks incredible but requires planning a day ahead.)

I've tried a lot of braised short rib recipes and so far the best I've found is from The Silver Palate. Whereas a lot of options rely on reducing red wine, this one uses red wine vinegar. The result is a brighter tomato sauce with something bordering on tartness, which resists some of the unavoidable heft of the beef. (Some people may be turned off by this. If so, just substitute red wine for some or all of the vinegar.)

Here is the link for the recipe.