I’m a tech operator, curious and analytical.


Since 2012

I joined the company as an entry-level data analyst when it was fewer than 70 employees and less than $25M in revenue. Now we’re a team of over 800 people, with millions of customers and hundreds of millions in revenue. I’m SVP of Strategy and one of seven people on the company’s Operating Committee.

SVP of Strategy has been a flexible title and role

My role has changed dramatically as organizational needs have changed. As a formal division, Strategy includes two large groups: Analytics, composed of data scientists building models and analyses to inform internal decision-making, and Strategic Initiatives, which has team members leading everything from business development and international strategy to pricing and Circle, our professional user program.

I’ve formally worn a couple other hats

I currently oversee the Growth portion of our product organization, focused on all the ways customers try and buy Squarespace —, onboarding, international product, checkout and payments, etc.

I’ve taken on a few other roles in the past, including overseeing our Marketing team twice on an interim basis (including during through two Super Bowl campaigns).

My skill set: Data x Product x Business Models

I come from a data background first and foremost — I started in the org writing SQL and Python and performing data analysis. Since then I’ve gotten deeper in marketing, product management, and business development as needed.

Primarily I think of myself as an integrator, who can see connections between disparate teams and initiatives because of my varied experience. I sit at the intersection of data, product, and business model questions.


Manhattan District Attorney


I was lucky enough to be at the heart of this. I joined just as the Bureau was getting access to the databases that contained decades of fine-grained case and court appearance data; our team used this access to build a variety of reports and tools for executive management and other data-driven initiatives

  • Designed and coded (with one other analyst and an IT developer) an internal gang-tracking system

  • Implemented geocoding infrastructure and began location-driven data analysis

  • Closely advised IT on a complete consolidation and redesign of all office data systems


Earlier Roles

My earlier jobs are a combination of stereotypical stops on the now-abandoned law school track (a year as a paralegal at the white collar law firm Stillman & Friedman post-graduation) and more esoteric fare. I spent the summer of 2008 using grant money to observe jury selection and trial behavior in Philadelphia. I contributed to a grand jury report accompanying indictments for stealing body parts in the summer of 2007. For three months in 2006 I camped out across Pennsylvania and New York in search of deer ticks as a field researcher for a CDC study on Lyme disease. (Here's how to catch a tick.) The summer before that I interned at the Academy of Natural Sciences helping catch snakehead fish, which can live for days out of water thanks to a partially-developed lung system.



Class of 2009, cum laude

I earned a BA in Psychology. I’m still happy with the major despite the fact that half the science has since been discredited; the widely variable quality promoted critically thinking skills, or at least that’s what I tell myself.

Most of my extracurricular energy went into the Yale Daily News, where I was a sports editor. In many respects it was the best-managed organization I’ve ever been a part of — imagine turning over the entire management team of a 100-person company every year without having the wheels fall off, and that’s the YDN.